Private Channeling Session with Lucyna Lobos-Brown in Wroclaw, 22 December 2012, 

Participants: Lucyna Lobos-Brown, Bogusława and Michał.
Questions are being answered through Lucyna Lobos-Brown by the Guardian of the Earth, Enki.
Translation from Polish into English: Artur J. Domowicz with Mission Pharaoh and CorteXtainment.
Welcome Bogusława, welcome Michał, today 22 December 2012. This by human beings, not by me foretold „end of the world” did not occur. Well, and here Bogusława and Michał, I, Enki, have to explain, and not all the way me. My words did not get through to mankind, so before I will start to answer your questions Bogusława, now I will make room and hand the microphone over to a certain spiritual being, who will explain a lot of things to us. Therefore, before these words will be spoken by this certain spiritual being, I would like to tell you two something. We have chosen most the most appropriate personas for this conversation. You are these personas – you and your husband. You are very righteous people, and that is why this being asked for it, to be able to convey at your channeling these words. Now i, Enki, am making space for the one who arrived already.

According to your earthly customs, I am welcoming you, and I have to introduce myself, I am a being, as the lord of the Earth, Enki, has said. I am Sirius B, nowadays the Guardian of the Plateau in Giza. The words that I will convey to you were supposed to be strong words, but at the request of the lord of the Earth, my words have to be reserved, and therefore it will be so. 21 December has passed, as you all have realized – there is happiness, there is laughter, there is mockery – that is why I will explain one thing after another, I will list it up. I am respecting, valuing you Bogusława and you Michał very much. That is also why this message will be conveyed for mankind will be conveyed in your presence. I am returning to the interrupted thread. Human being were supposed to execute a task regarding Earth, meaning: Activating the protection for their planet. A few years ago I conveyed a message to mankind, revealing to mankind it’s thoughtlessness, that what is the greatest abomination: Jealousy, hate, envy, and the drive to obtain great fortune and fame. Not many people were about saving the Earth, but about being famous. That is also why I have said the following words: If you won’t execute the task, that has been given to you by the Guardian of the Earth – the Lord of the Earth – then we will take interest in the Earth. I will get specific now – The planet has passed to our delight as well. At that time it was said that if mankind won’t fulfill the task that it has been given, the Earth will receive it’s protection in order for the Earth to suffer as little as possible. And it happened that way.

Now I am putting the cards on the table. Those who have protected the Earth from the side of the cosmos are us – us, Sirius B. So it is a delight to us, but once I will say everything, this joy won’t be no more. And so I am explaining further, I also said very clearly, if you won’t repent, than we will take over the Earth in the 12th year. And so it happened. As of today it is so, in a certain sense we have signed with human beings such a contract, or we played the roulette – it can be such a Russian roulette. The score was the Earth. If human beings will win, we, beings from Sirius will disappear from Earth, and if you will lose, we are taking the Earth. Human beings, you have lost in this game of roulette, you have lost and the Earth is ours already. We won’t be it’s owners, the way you are not either, you are tenants on this planet, and the owner is god himself. We will also be tenants, and the owner will be the spiritual being itself, meaning: God. We have to take care of our planet, which we have won in a very fair fight, and actually, you have yourself given it to us. I will say further, I won’t bore you. I wanted to use a harsher language, but I will be obedient, I won’t do that for the Guardian of the Earth’s sake.

Now I am getting to the specifics – our assumption is the following – cleanse the Earth, and in about 300 years we are moving to this planet. A thousand years – a lot, or not so much. We have time, human beings. Because as I said, we have received 1000 years for evacuation, you’ve had since the year 2000, 12 more years time, counting since Jesus. And so, we have to take care of the Earth, because the Earth has to be ideally prepared for this evacuation in 300 years. While the cleansing will begin on Earth with the new year. I want you to know that. 
Now I will say what I was supposed to say – if you will believe it or not, right now it doesn’t mean much to me, human beings. Now, it will look like this – If somebody will die in the new year, and he won’t have the „sign of life”, he won’t return to the Earth, but those who are dying until the end of the 12th year will be returning to the Earth. Maybe you will think to yourself reading this, that I am an barbarian, meaning… it ain’t like that, because to you human beings, after so many tests, after so many sacrifices by the beings from Orion, you are receiving one more chance. The planet is already prepared (for you), on which you will be evolving. And that is the way these beings are being directed already, and that is where starting with the new year – because of the fact that they won’t be having the right to return anymore, they will be directed to that planet. And the human population will get smaller too. There will be people of open minds and open hearts already, and our neighborhood won’t bother them, and we won’t have to change our (physical) garment only not to be rejected y human beings.

I could further speak on this topic, but my time is very limited, and besides that, I have to keep my tongue in check. Because Enki is listening to my every word, and this happiness, mockery and laughter that there is today, starting with the new year you will stop laughing. Because this by many fakes foreseen „paradise on Earth” will come, but only in the appropriate time, when the Earth will be cleansed. You human being can’t hold a grudge against anyone, because you have been told so many times: Please – you didn’t keep your word. We on the other hand did, we secured the Earth, because that was what was necessary at the time, we could not take over a wounded Earth. And so, after this lecture, you human being will either see this as the NEW YEARS MESSAGE – if their will be any complaints, then the lord of the Earth, ENKI, will receive them – complaint, grievances, requests, starting with the new year.

That is why on one side I am sorry for you for your irresponsibility, even stupidity of many humans, because there are also many wonderful, righteous humans on Earth – they will stay, and those people will be returning to the Earth in order to be our neighbors. Others on the other hand, will be given one more chance, but on a different planet Earth. I asked for this meeting today, because the two of you, Bogusława and Michał, are an example to follow, and very righteous people, that is why I have waited with this message and with this transfer for just this day. What else can I add to my words toady? Only that we can thank you on one hand for this gift „Earth”, and on the other hand shake our head with concern due to the human irresponsibility, the human stupidity. To give such a jewel away, which is the Earth!

We will be celebrating in this earthly new year success, you human beings – a loss. Therefore I am repeating once more – we won! You on the other hand have lost. That would be all that I wanted to convey.

Now I am making way for the one to whom this place in this channeling belongs, meaning: The lord and Guardian of the Earth – ENKI.


I, Enki, am here again. I listened to this strong message. What can I say? Maybe only that, that he was very right, but we will be doing after the new year everything, so that there won’t be as much pain as Sirius has foreseen. And now Bogusława, I am ready to answer your questions.
I, Enki, am listening.

I am welcoming you dear friend, and I thank very, very much this being for the wonderful message. It is a shame that it happened that way, but there is this hope, that things can be regulated in a different way. There are many bad things, but also good things, like in every society. I am thanking very much our Guardian Enki, can I ask a question?
I am listening to you Bogusława.

Dear Enki, so practically there is not protection of the Earth for now and for the future, true?
No Bogusława, it is activated, but from the side of the cosmos. As you heard already, this protection has been activated. The beings from Sirius B have activated it. This protection has been prepared just in case on the Mars. Because the planet was very close, there was nothing to wait for, and they have received the allowance to activate this protection. But from the side of the Earth there is no protection! Sirius B didn’t say something else, I don’t know why he wanted to keep it for himself. Besides of what they have done, meaning: They activated the protection, 3 very strong portals have been activated. They are like an open gate to the Sirius constellation, and the planet Sirius B. You surely know, because you are piloting all things regarding that, there was a Polish group that went on a trip to Peru, Bolivia and Guatemala. That is where these „gates of time” have been opened, and now Sirius can come without any problems to Earth and return. This was supposed to be activated a lot later, after the year 2013. But if the Polish group, which is thinking of itself as chosen ones, or as saviors of the world, they have opened up just these portals. As of now it doesn’t have any meaning, because until the new year there will be Sirius B on Earth. We from Orion don’t have any resentments, or contradictions against cooperating with them. We will continue to work on Earth – me from my side, and Enki from his. What the guidelines will be Bogusława? We don’t know, because we will get these assigned by god himself after the new year.
I am listening to you.

Thank you. The last time we visited Lucyna, there was news about the discovery of ancient crocodiles. Will it be possible to go in there?
Yes, the city of the crocodiles is in the vicinity of the mud Pyramid in Hawara, and we will return to it in the future Now it is a very important gaol to get to the tomb of the builder, Khufu, in order to read the tablets. What has been left for us, what kind of instructions, what kind of guidelines? One thing is important, that this time it will be under the control and in the hands of the beings from Sirius B. It is sad for me to speak these words, but you know very well Bogusława who has let it come to that! They are not barbarians, and they would not want for mankind to leave the Earth in masses. It is enough to manage well that, what is on Earth, and there would be enough space for everyone. Because of your wisdom that you have shown of, as Sirius B described it, you have lost the bet.
I am listening.

Thank you very much Enki. Right now „the new order of things is being prepared”. People are living in bad conditions anyway, not all that is, because there are those who are living very well. But generally people are not satisfied with the technologies that are being used to enslave us and to subordinate.
I am sorry for saying that.
Don’t be sorry Bogusława! As of now humans have oppressed each other, „humans have prepared another humans fate”. Now, not all the way, Sirius B will have such authority. They will have authority on Earth, but only in about 300 years, when they will evacuate to Earth. Now, despite everything, we will have control over humans and the Earth. This has to start to change! And of course it has to start with these rulers and those who are oppressing people. As you know already, in a few days the „new system” will begin on Earth. We know everything Bogusława. We have also seen, that it will be difficult when it comes to human minds, to enlightening the minds, or the beginning of using the mind and the heart. Only a small group of people is starting to understand, and is starting to subordinate themselves to what isn’t there right now yet! To this new order. But the whole mass of oppressors wants to oppress until the end. That is why Sirius B put it the right way, that with the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 the „cleansing: will begin on Earth. There will be less and less people on Earth, and not more arriving! And those who have the „sign of life” will be returning – the way Sirius B said. I am only repeating his words. But those who don’t have the „sign of life”, won’t be returning to Earth anymore! That is how „gods law” has been issued, and that is also how it was approved by the „council of the gods”. We don’t have influence on that!

We can only have control over that what will be happening. that what we know and that what we see, then people surely won’t be laughing anymore, or mock about how it didn’t come to the „end of the world”. Did we ever speak of the „end of the world”? – No. We were speaking of the end of this system, and the beginning of a new one. But people can turn in their great wisdom everything so around Bogusława, that it resulted in what it resulted now! Those who are laughing today, will stop laughing starting in the new year.
I am listening.

Thank you very much Enki. I didn’t think that it would come this way. It is very good that nothing happened, that Earth has been secured. But I am returning to this „new world order”. The new elite wants to globalize the whole Earth. Everyone will be subordinated. My husband recently read that all phones and computers are being controlled. I don’t know how one can live that way?
These new tenants, meaning: Sirius B, are not sympathetic at all with these rulers of the Earth. Unfortunately Sirius won’t subordinate to the Illuminati, or the guidelines that the religion is dictating to the people. That is how they will want to bring order on Earth. There won’t be any globalization on Earth. There will be what has been said today already, meaning: „The cleansing” – leading Earth to beauty and order. That is also why you don’t have to worry about that Bogusława.

Thank you very much.
And one more thing. Observing the behavior and the statements of this being from Sirius, when he was looking at you I saw in his eyes a spark of sympathy for you, and that is very joyful. To see something like that in somebody, but to see that in Sirius, who should feel like a ruler of this Earth!

They are happy about winning this roulette, but they are no aggressors, or proud of what they have obtained. So be calm Bogusława.
I am listening.

Thank you. I think that we can live together, and that it doesn’t mean at all that this is our planet only. Besides that, it can be an interesting experiment of a common life and acceptance of each other. Not long ago I read a publication that said, that the Earth is for many planets and civilizations something like an example, because there is war on all the other planets, disagreement, and that they are raising children in laboratories. But on planet Earth mothers are loving their children, and that doesn’t exist in the whole galaxy. The feeling between mother and child matters here.
You are partially right. But what you are saying isn’t all the way true. Orion is such an example, meaning: „The second Earth”. That is where the real example for everything exists. Sirius B is on the other hand in this bad situation – even thou it is also upon their own request, that the multiplying in laboratories, or in incubators has been totally suspended. They will start to multiply here on Earth. On the other hand many human beings will be evacuated on different planets, in order to convey there the life that they were living here on Earth. That is why for a spiritual being, which is descending to Earth, everything that was before is being blocked. But those souls who will be evacuated to different planets, all their incarnations will be unblocked, meaning: this memory will be brought back. It is good on one side, but bad on the other. It is bad that they can’t return to the Earth anymore, but it is good that they have to possibility to improve on a different planet, and to learn a beautiful life.
I am listening.

Thank you very much. Now I have the following question: The moon colonized earlier already, it was such a temporary base for flights to Earth, right? It is right now colonized? I heard that some are going there already. Earlier Germans have been there, Americans too, I know that they are flying there already, and that some are residing there, even Obama was there as a child and as a grown up, could it be that way? Please explain.
I will try to explain how it really is. The visible side of the moon is not colonized, it is on the other side.

On the dark side…
It is not that dark at all, because the cosmos is lit as well. There really are bases, but no body of those who colonized the moon earlier already will allow earthly beings to colonize it. That is as if earthly beings would want to colonize now the Mars. It is not possible. So they came, and could only take a look, and then they had to return quickly, they have received such an order – they flew away, they flew away as fast as they could. To take a series of pictures and to fly away. These pictures have never seen the daylight Bogusława. Here you are right as well, only that what was removed, because it was not worth it to take it apart on the little moon, also on the side that is not visible from the Earth, so it was just destroyed. There is no little moon. There is also no colonization.
I am listening.

I also have a question like this: I am sorry dear Enki. In the system that is being put in place, and the fact that children aren’t being born causes a civilization to die. Maybe in 300 years it will really be that way, maybe it is on purpose that homosexual movements are being propagated now. I don’t know, but I have the impression, that Christians are being discriminated against the most. In the earlier and in this century the most discrimination is not against blacks or other people, but against Christians. And this way Christians are constantly dying all around the world.
That is why this – you are partially right – that is why the first thing that Sirius will take care of – because it is a tenant, that doesn’t mean starting with the new year – it will take care of the religions. Yes, you are right, it is the source of almost all misunderstandings, the nest of all evil. And the fact that there is less and less of it, these are human-spiritual beings, who still have returns to Earth, So after the new year, it could be the 14th, the 15th, those who still have this return might appear on Earth. And at the same time the death-rate will increase, because the human population has to get smaller. And on Earth there have to be humans who can live in a peaceful symbioses with those who are leasing the Earth. That is what the truth looks like.

Thank you very much. I am for that. I have a question regarding the future because you were saying that all these international organisations will fall, the European union – how long will it exist?
No, no, no – these things are like the globalization, or like the organisation of the Illuminati, and this other organisation that is controlling the Earth, mainly the world religions – since you will really have these new leaders, I think that they know very well how to bring order to the Earth. Human beings are when it comes to the technology that Sirius has in their swaddling-clothes. Since they have already such a strongly advanced technology, equally as advanced as the technology of Orion – it will all start with the 13th year.
I am listening.

Exactly, regarding this governance, I think that these governments that are chosen aren’t respecting the rights of the whole population, which they are representing. I think that there should be elections where people really can vote themselves, because then it would be really fair, because then everybody could make a statement and take a vote in the elections. That means that everything would be open, and not covered up. We don’t need a government that takes money and manipulates the people in order to harm them, and to benefit from that.
I think Bogusława, that that what you are talking about will start to normalize, we and the beings from Orion, also beings – we will also have our say, and the leaseholder on Earth will know already how he will bring order on Earth. We will have a lot of work, because many beings will be looking for help in this chaos that will take place, and everyone of us will be fulfilling what he was called to do – we from Orion. Together with Sirius, we will bring order here on Earth.
I am listening to you.

Thank you very much. And I have another question. What is your brother Enlil’s relationship relating the situation of general oppression of Christians on planet Earth?
If my brother would right now – and may this be my answer – if he would appear on Earth and find himself in the Vatican for example, where the main headquarters are, then he would do exactly the same he did when he was on Earth when he entered the temple and found buyers there, do you understand? That is what he would do, and that is my answer.

I expected an a little different answer, because I am a Christian, and Christians do a lot for other nations, they are accepting them and giving them everything, and in that moment I am beginning to actually lose everything. Christians are as a religion very care-giving and they do a lot. And from what I see, if in Switzerland or in other countries, they are doing everything, and soon it will come to that, that they will accept everyone from the poor countries, Muslims, actually the most of them – they are acting badly, are even ignoring them – and they can’t even be touched, because that is being treated as discrimination, but the truth is that Christians are feeling discriminated, because they are being quiet, they don’t say anything, they do everything in order to help those people, but they are loosing a lot of their freedom, their money, and many other things… They don’t have the freedom of speech, because the country rules to accept them and to do everything for them. And Christians are really doing a lot, teaching with love, and they aren’t giving that.
That is just that what is being called this chaos. That is why Bogusława Jesus, who will be on Earth (spiritually) will have his role to fulfill. Surely not the same he had when he was on Earth as a human, but let’s say, almost the same. He will be transferring this energy again and teaching humans how to live, even if for those who will understand life, in order to be able to live in symbioses with those who will be arriving to Earth, in these 200-300 years. The way it was said. Do you have another questions?

Thank you very much, I have exhausted all my questions already, that I was supposed to ask, for what I am thanking you very sincerely. And I am thanking our friend, our guardian for attending, the being from Sirius B, and I am wishing wholeheartedly all prosperity and all good, and we are asking for continuing care. I am also thanking Lucyna very much for being so kind to conduct this channeling.
I am wishing you as well, most of all endurance. Our care will continue from our side, because it will. We will try to save whoever can be saved, as many as possible, even thou the Earth has been taken over. Because we would want to, our wish would be for you to live in such a friendly peace here on Earth. I am always available and here to help. I am also wishing you this inner peace Bogusława, and thank you for these moments spend together with us.


source: Mission Pharaoh


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