Health With En-Ki


(Description of the Supplement)

„Supplement Ki“ can be called the “gift of life”, as it was created by using a old-Sumerian recipe, and it helps  to prevent and heal many diseases, especially in the beginning phase. In the case of advanced diseases (such as cancer) the supplement should be taken in different proportions of specific ingredients. The current “Supplement Ki” which is available to purchase in Poland, contains the following ingredients: mountain crystal, gold, and magnesium in the form of magnesium carbonate.

This supplement is helpful in preventing or helping to heal diseases known to man this day. It strengthens and regulates the immune system, and when this system is strong – it can defeat all diseases, even those that modern medicine considers incurable. The supplement also can clean and strengthen bones.

The producer of “Supplement Ki” is Trace Elements Laboratory in Warsaw. It can be categorised as such, since the supplement contains minerals that are not often consumed in our diet, and due to their absence in our organism we fall victim to various health challanges. Also, because of many active chemical in our food and cosmetics (conservatives, additives and perfumes) it is necessary to increase the number of noble elements, to balance out the destructive processes caused by improper diet and the use of harmful chemistry in our daily lives.

An especially important ingredient in this supplement is gold, which is one of the main minerals which aid in healing and according to ancient Sumerian’s, gold was one of the minerals used to perfect the human race. Gold has anti-bacterial properties and it strengthens the immune system.

Magnesium removes harmful substances from the organism, which are inhaled or taken in through food… In other words, it makes a body more resistant to environmental pollution.

When it comes to the mountain crystal, then mainly it strengthens bones, which are the building blocks of our body… It also strengthens bone marrow, which is the engine of the organism. Disorders in the bone marrow lead to various diseases. The three combined components work to aid the whole body.

The supplement should be taken twice a day at about 0.6 grams (flat enclosed measuring spoon). When using Supplement Ki as a prevention method, to strengthening the immune system, its suggested to use the whole package (lasts for around 35-40 days) and repeat every six months.

In case of diseases, method to support healing, its suggested to use Supplement Ki for three months (three packages) and repeat after six months


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